Working Stages in Interior Design
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The price for interior design varies between 15-30 euro per square meter, taking into consideration the clean (light) area. The price depends on the project and for each site it is strictly individual. The same concerns the deadlines. Specifying on prices and delivery deadlines shall be made after providing the necessary information - architectural pads, sketches, dimensions, direction, requirements, etc..

The list bellow shows the steps that follow the process of interior design:

1.Work meeting with the client of the site to specify details about the assignment and the preparation of the offer for interior design.

2.Capturing the actual size of the existing facilities to be designed.

3.Preparation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional digital model of the site with the real / existing / sizes.

4.Preparation of sample allocations in two-dimensional conceptual plan and their coordination with the client about areas and their functions, clarification of any adjustments to the electrical and plumbing installation, specifying flooring, decorative plaster, paint, wallpaper and other materials and specific requirements.

5.Preparation of three-dimensional interior design with photo realistic visualizations and discussion with the client about possible adjustments and color combinations, specifying furniture to be bought and the one that will be custom made.

6.Completing of the interior design - color images presented in digital and paper, construction drawings of the details that will be custom made, material specification, drawings of the changes in plumbing and electrical installation.

7.Coordinating the subcontractor companies.


8.Author's supervision of object executing.

9.Complete realization of the site by Studio ADI.